Sara Schmidt-Kost

Sara Schmidt-Kost is an out, queer Educator in Minneapolis, MN. She spent five years as a leader in the LGBT student organizations at St. Cloud State University where she completed her undergrad in Secondary Social Studies Education. Sara currently leads the after-school GSA at the high school where she works, and she is thankful for the opportunity to support her students as they grow into fully-functioning adults. She has also created a training workshop on LGBT Issues in Schools and has presented it to groups of Social Studies teachers, other educators, and students alike.

Sara’s Contributions to My Kid Is Gay

January 2018 – How to Handle Parental Censorship of LGBTQ Books

August 2017 – Can I Start a GSA as a Teacher?

April 2017 – How Do I Talk to My Students About the President?

September 2016 – Talking About Trans Bathroom Rights

July 2016 – Defining: Queer

July 2015 – Making Your Classroom More LGBTQ-Inclusive

August 2014 – Addressing Bullying in Schools

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