One thought on “Why Didn’t He Tell Me Sooner?

  1. On this particular issue, I think for the most part you have it wrong. Granted, in this day and age it is a little easier. More and more parents are at least trying to be there for their child. But by and large, there is still that deep seated “old fashioned” or “traditional” thinking. I believe the more correct answer (although thank the good Lord above it is less and less) is fear. I didn’t come out until I was 32 first to my father and then a year later to my mother. it was the first and only time I ever saw my father cry actual tears. This wasn’t because he didn’t love me…he did…and still does very much. But it was because of traditional thinking. Fear of the unknown. He was more concerned for the well-being for my soul. Turns out my mother always suspected. (Personally, I think mothers always know lol). And, with all the newer thinking today than yesterday which is predominantly because of programming on television and in the movies, it is easier today for many young folks to come out. But, do you realize just how many homeless kids there are today? Statistics that I’ve read in the past indicate that fully at least 50% of them are gay or bisexual and by and large, the majority of those were actually kicked out of their home because of the “embarrassment” it would bring on the family. Surprisingly, so many of those kids kicked out were raised in families that were deep into their religious beliefs. And this is what most kids see today. Families are loving…until they aren’t. Religion sadly commands a strong root in the family, especially in the south and southeast. I’m a born again christian and proud of it. Yet, I am at perfect peace with God and my sexual orientation because I know God does not make mistakes. I was raised with the right kind of love. But I was still scared. I agree it’s getting better, but we’re not there yet. And this issue needs to be addressed as much as your opinion. One day, we’ll all be able to walk around the globe without seeing race or gender or sexual orientation or disability because we’ll all see the person for who they are rather than what they are. Having said all that, I think certain responsibilities fall on us, the gay folks. As a gay person, I was more embarrassed by the gay community than I was the straight community because the gay community was always trying to shove it’s sexuality on everybody just so they could make a point. Yes, it’s time had come but I think it could have been done with a little more eloquence, tact and dignity. But we’re here now! If a family can be that supporting post no matter what, then maybe in time all gay folks will be empowered and feel comfortable enough to come out with no fears. After we get the families working on this, then we need to work on the peers. Anyway, I rant on. I think most every other thing you’ve touched on is dead on, but I feel this one needs a little more clarity in recognition of just who should come out when and why they deemed it necessary to wait a while before coming out to others.

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