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Finally, a book that gives you the practical and supportive advice you need. This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids addresses all the questions and concerns you have about your gay child, including:

“Is this a choice?”

“My child wants to come out at school, but I’m concerned for their safety.”

“This goes against my beliefs, but I want to support my child—how do I reconcile that?”

“How do I handle sleepovers?”

“When should I tell people? Whom should I tell?”


“In our forty-plus years of work with parents, families, friends, and allies, PFLAG has seen how critical family acceptance is to the health and well-being of their lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender loved ones. This book, focused mainly on sexual orientation, is a great companion to PFLAG’s work, providing parents information on how to best support a loved one in a manner that is sometimes funny, often frank, and always easy to access.”— Jody Huckaby, executive director, PFLAG National

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