Back to school season is here! For many, this is an exciting time full of new pencil cases and exciting opportunities for new learning and new friends. For others, though, heading back to school can be anxiety-inducing, especially considering many schools and colleges are not as inclusive of LGBTQIA students as they should be.
So, we put together a list of past advice, articles, and resources available to help you, your child, and their teachers work to make safer learning environments.

On Inclusivity and Support:

• 7 Questions to Ask Your Trans Kid’s School by Grace M.
• Making Your Classroom More LGBTQ-Inclusive by Sara Schmidt-Kost
• What to Do When Your Student Comes Out to You by Teresa Kane
• How Do I Talk to My Students About the President? By Sara Schmidt-Kost
• Navigating Censorship of LGBTQ Media for Kids by Lindsay Amer
• How to Support Students During the Day of Silence by Sara Schmidt-Kost
• How to Handle Parental Censorship of LGBTQ Books by Sara Schmidt-Kost

On Bullying:

• Addressing Bullying in Schools by Sara Schmidt-Kost
• My Daughter Came Out, and I’m Worried for Her Safety by Laurin Mayeno
• My Son Is Already Bullied for Being Black, Should He Wait to Come Out? by Aisha
• Bullying: “How Can I Help?” by Laurin Mayeno
• Son Bullied for “Girly” Backpack by Karen Thompson
• Covert Bullying by Anna Krieger
• Supporting Your Eyeliner-Wearing Son at Catholic School by Julie Tarney

On College:

• Choosing the Right College by Lisa
• 10 Things to Look For in an LGBTQ-Friendly College by Sarah Simon
• 10 Ways to Prepare Your LGBTQ Kid for College by Sarah Simon
• Being Out at College by Sarah Simon
• Coming Out in College Athletics by Lauren Neidigh
• How to Foster Safe, Healthy, and Productive Dialogue in the Classroom by Cheryl Clarke
Be sure to check out these other national resources, too!
• Campus Pride: A national network of college students all around the country working to create safer college campuses for the LGBTQ community.
• Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN): A national organization that works to make schools safer for LGBT students through policy changes, research, and giving teachers and administrators the resources they need to make their schools more inclusive.
• LGBTQ Student Resources & Support: A guide for LGBTQ students to find support and resources when experiencing bullying or discrimination both at the high school and college levels.
• LGBTQ Scholarships: A list of scholarships for LGBTQ students at the graduate and PhD level in a variety of subjects, including law, mathematics, business, and social work.
All of us here at My Kid Is Gay hope you have a happy, safe, and inclusive school year!


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