Today, April 10, marks 3 WHOLE YEARS since we started My Kid Is Gay! So, we decided to look back on everything we did in the last year because—spoiler alert!—it’s a lot. In the past year alone, we:

Changed our name to be more searchable for parents who need us the most.

• Created The Defining Series to unpack LGBTQIA identities and terms for parents and allies alike!

• Made the coolest stickers in all the land.

• Had a Google Hangout with the brilliant Laurin Mayeno on National Coming Out Day to talk about gender diversity in young kids.

• Released our e-care package, Coming Out with Care, for parents of newly-out LGBTQIA young people. If you haven’t gotten your own care package yet, sign up here!

• Gave our site a fancy makeover, making it mobile-ready and creating better categories so you can find the advice you need more easily.

• And, of course, we published so many amazing stories, advice, interviews, and essays to our site written by the very best team of contributors.

So many of these amazing resources and projects would not have been possible without some very generous donations. If you’d like to donate to keep us going, click here!

We are so, so excited for the year ahead, and can’t wait to share some exciting new projects with you all! Keep asking us your questions, and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for all of your love and support <3


Kristin, Grace, and everyone at My Kid Is Gay


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