Erin McKissick


Erin is a junior at Bowdoin College, where she majors in Psychology and Gender & Women’s Studies and passes the time each winter wondering why she chose to live somewhere so cold. She identifies as a queer woman, a proud feminist and a lover of reading good books in cozy coffee shops. You can usually find her watching Gilmore Girls while burrowed under multiple blankets, at the gym attempting to lift heavy things, or in the kitchen making something with tofu. She is inspired by thoughtful conversations about power, privilege, sexuality and gender, and hopes to one day work at the intersection of social work and feminist criminology.

Erin’s Contributions to My Kid Is Gay

January 2014 – A Conversation With Dr. Michael LaSala, Ph.D. – Pt. 1

January 2014 – A Conversation With Dr. Michael LaSala, Ph.D. – Pt. 2