Hello! If you are the parent or family member of someone who has just come out as LGBTQ, we made something very special just for you!  “Coming Out With Care” is an e-care package full of advice, support, resources, and self-care for parents and family members of LGBTQ people everywhere.
When you sign up for “Coming Out With Care,” you (or your parent!) will get an e-mail full of love and support, including:
• A welcome video  by My Kid Is Gay co-founder Kristin Russo
• Advice on common queries such as “Should I tell other people?” “Is this a phase?” and “How do I reconcile my child’s identity with my religion?”
• A list of curated LGBTQ support organizations
• A guided journaling and coloring page designed by artist Cameron Glavin
• An exclusive excerpt from This Is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids (Chronicle, 2014)
• A music playlist created by Brittani Nichols!
Go to bit.ly/ComingOutWithCare to sign up, and get lots of love straight to your inbox!
Happy National Coming Out Day!
Kristin, Grace, and everyone at My Kid Is Gay


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