Hello!! You have likely noticed our new logo and new page name, and we want to tell you all about it!

This week, we are formally announcing the official name change of our initiative from The Parents Project, to My Kid Is Gay. Over the past several years, we’ve worked super hard to create much-needed content for families of the LGBTQIA community, and one of the things we’ve realized is: so many people can’t find us or those resources!

When parents type in the most commonly searched phrase, “My kid is gay,” our work isn’t easily found — and we want to change that. So! Our social platforms now all reflect the change (note the missing “i” on socials, we had to shorten to @mykidsgay so they’d all match!), and the new URL is (the old URL will still forward)!!

While here, we also want to emphasize that this is, and has always been, a site for families of more than just “gay” individuals (just like Everyone Is Gay, which also does work with many varied and diverse sexualities and gender identities!). Our resources for trans and nonbinary people, asexual and intersex individuals, bisexual and lesbian folks, and oh-so-many others will continue to be a huge part of our ongoing work — but, as you may know, it is pretty hard to fit all those words into one little logo 😉

Much love to all of you, and we hope you enjoy the new look!

Kristin, Grace, and everyone at My Kid Is Gay


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