In the early hours of June 12, 2016, members of the LGBTQ community were attacked and killed in an LGBTQ nightclub in Orlando, Florida. At the time of this writing, 49 people have died, with many more wounded. You can read more details about the attack here.
We are outraged, heartbroken, and beside ourselves in the aftermath of such a hateful attack on the LGBTQ community. We mourn for families and friends of those killed, and for LGBTQ communities all around the world who are targeted on a daily basis. If, like us, you are experiencing a lot of really complicated emotions right now, know that it is ok to lean on others for support and healing. Our friends at Out Proud Families compiled a beautiful list of further reading that certainly helped us in our own processes this past week, so we wanted to share them with all of you, too.
When Love Triumphs: A Father Who Learned to Accept His Queer Child
A Message of Love from Somos Familia in the Wake of Orlando Shooting
An Open Letter About Orlando from Asian American Parents Who Love Our LGBTQ Kids
A Musical Tribute from the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus
Do you have specific questions in the aftermath of Orlando? Submit them here, and we will did our best to answer them. <3


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